We expect our children to be morally fit, spiritually equipped, physically balanced, psychologically sound, sociably adjusted, educationally endowed, philosophically wise, and theologically in tune. As parents, teachers, and mentors we must give them a portion.


Giving them their portion involves the total moulding of the child's character by encouraging good behavior and correcting unacceptable behavior. It's about teaching, training and encouraging personal appropriate growth. How do we give what they need? Children, regardless of age, need to be able to share and discuss their problems, needs, and fears. If not, they may feel insecure and in an effort to fill that void may seek recognition and refuge in that which does not last or satisfy. We must train them, not bribe them.


PURPOSE: To aid in the nurturing, directing and encouraging of youth to reach their full potential. The program will center on the 11 basic needs of youth and 9 developmental stages in which the parent(s) will also share.


11 Basic Needs of the Youth: Acceptance, Security, Praise, Respect, Reality Goals, Decision-Making, Love, Discipline/Alternative Choices, Positive Values, Significance/Worth/Values and Consistency.


9 Developmental Stages: Career, Community, Discipline, Education, Home, Personal, Social, Positive Values and Responsibility.


OBJECTIVE: To equip teachers and youth with the necessary tools for living a prosperous life in today's society. This will be accomplished by allowing them to explore the nine (9) pressure points of YWP and be nurtured according to the 11 basic needs. Also, this program will allow parents to learn how to motivate and utilize the 11 basic needs.


We will also explore the ABC'S of Improving our youth: A=Attitude, B=Behavior, C=Character. Also we will share the ABC'S of motivating self-esteem, value, worth and significance: A=Acceptance, B=Belonging, C=Competence.


We will also review three ground rules for balancing discipline.


We will help you implement the LEADER approach in helping your child handle all kinds of issues they face: L=Listen, E=Empathize, A=Affirm, D=Direct, E=Enlist, R=Refer.




“Principles of Developing Self Esteem”


Self-esteem is a feeling that is first nurtured in the home. It has much to do with how one sees themselves. Self-esteem is measured by the child as they decide what the significant others in their life think about them. Let’s consider the parent's posture.


1. A child initially learns who they are by the way the parent responds to them.


2. The parent is the “mirror” they look into to see if they are valued and have worth as a person.


3. In the parent's home, it is the job of the custodial parent to lay the foundation to assure the child knows they are cherished for who they

are and for what they can do. Everyone, when they know they are special and significant in the eyes of their parents can handle everyone else’s opinion of them.


4. The parent must become the child’s cheerleader and drum major, giving the down beat that leads to achievement, victory, and self-recognition; balanced with positive praise.


5. The parent is a very powerful and integral influence in the development of the child’s self-esteem.


Now consider the following:

What is your plan to help your child develop a positive healthy self-esteem?


1. How will I rearrange my schedule to say you are important, I will be there for your next event?


2. What are some things I do and say that sends the message that my child is special to me and as a person?


3. What significant personal building activities and events do I encourage my child to participate in?


When your child feels they are significant and valuable to you, they become and feel significant and valuable to themselves. That is the greatest self- image you can instill in them.

As a child thinketh, so are they ……


To be your child's advocate means to be present, to be available, and to be close by. Keep in mind we can't fight our children's battles for them, but we can learn to appreciate the difficulty of their combat, therefore we must learn to seize and use teachable moments to affirm and encourage our children to rise, embrace, and handle every situation rather than be handled by their situations. For more info email ywp@smbctgm.com



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